Flash bak on the fieldtrip to northen provinces

June begins to reach Saigon.

The sun is still blazing, butsummer rains starts letting up sporadically. The rains come and cease suddenly, though not pelting enough to dispel the burning heat, they are capable of evoking a feeling of nostalgia. A summer rain in the afternoon. A handcart adorned with the red color of Hanoi plums in the center of Saigon. The red mark used to notice an important day in May has still lingered on the old desk calendar, and many memories come flooding back…

A hall in BáiĐính Pagoda

It has been a month since the internship group from English Faculty started the fieldtrip in Hanoi, but all things seem like they just happened yesterday. So many memories, so many feelings are still lively as when we stayed in the land of thousands years of culture. I still remember the feeling of eagerness together with flutter and anxiety in the night before the departure dayof a girl travelling far away from her family for the first time; I still remember the tiredness mingling with joy when I set foot to Nội Bài airport to officially begin the internship in the Northern land. Then each day during the fieldtrip was great experiences. We visited Hùng Kings relic and were enthralled to the presentation about the place giving birth to Vietnam; we paid a visit to solemn and magnificent Bái Đính Pagoda lying harmoniously with the immensity of mountainous scenes; we contemplated the breathtaking and pristine beauty of Ninh Bình mountains and forests in the small boat moving slowly on Ngô Đồng River while feeling the light wind breezing on our skin.How could I forget the day we travelled by boat in Hạ Long Bay, under the resplendent sunlight in the afternoon, I wasengulfed myself in the infinite watery landscape, breathed the fresh air with a little flavor of salt tangled in it and listened to laughter and voice from my friends and teachers? How could I forget the ancient beauty and solemn ambience of Trấn Quốc Pagoda or the silent ambiencein the Temple of Literature and the Imperial Academyrecalling the golden ages of Vietnamese education? Thenthe evenings when we rehearsed the exchange program,tired though we were and those nights were full of laughter, and the exciting and animated exchange program with significant contribution of the students from both universities, and touching moments when we carried out flower offering procedure in Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum … These experiences and feelings turned into sweet memories in my mind.

The EF delegation inside ĐầuGỗ Cave

The 50-year-old Boddhi tree in TrấnQuốc Pagoda

Twenty – one years old, have not once gone away without my family, and I was judicious to decide to take part in this fieldtrip. The internship fieldtrip brought me a great deal ofprecious experiences. I had a chance to set foot in beautiful lands in the North in order to love my country much more; I accumulated a lot of experience for my future career via translating activities and experience from my friends and teacher; I enjoyed unforgettable moments with my friends and teachers in order to understand more about them, about the “distinguishing” but also “lovely” characteristics of the people that I usually got in touch with or maybe theones I just met once or two times. I travelled to measure the degree of my mature and my independence, to realize that I have to learn more, to break the limit of myself and discover many new things about myself. Above all, I travelled in order for my diary of my youthful life to be addedperiods of enthusiasm and warm affection with my teachers and my friends, who always stand by my side at university.

The exchange program with Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam in Hanoi

When we graduate, each student will go on his / her own way but surely, memories of this internship fieldtrip will be always engraved in their mind. We will miss group meetings to prepare for the exchange program in which some students rushed here and there to looking for documents and information, some students busily trained their voice for their presentation, and although these meetings were tiring, all students were happy; we will miss every night when 3 students shared a bed in hotels; we will miss evenings when we went for a walk in Hanoi and shopping with some incredible bargains… Those memories will never fade.

6 days – 5 nights is not a long period, but it is long enough for us to build up wonderful things. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to EF’s teachers for sharing useful knowledge for us in 4 academic years, I express my deep gratitude to 7 teachers and 2 tour guides from Gia Lai Eco tourist Company for instructing us – senior students - wholeheartedly, for energetically accompanying us everywhere we went to, for taking care of us so carefully and letting their hair down to join us enthusiastically during the trip. I am grateful to every constructive comment from the teachers that help us to improve ourselves and they will remain engraved in our mind because we know that we cannot hear those caring comments anymore in our later work. Thank you all my friends in the fieldtrip for completing the internship successfully and creating sweet memories together, and finally, thank you English Faculty and Gia Lai Eco tourist Company for organizing this fieldtrip so that 46 young people could experience the last blissful moments in their student life, hence, later on, if we are lucky enough to meet again, we will gather together and remember the past days in May.

Nguyen Ngoc Hanh Nguyen



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